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A city of western Java, Indonesia, south of Jakarta. It is an agricultural research center with notable botanical gardens.


(Placename) a city in Indonesia, in W Java: botanical gardens and research institutions. Pop: 750 819 (2000). Former name: Buitenzorg


(ˈboʊ gɔr)

a city on W Java, in Indonesia. 271,711.
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The Bogor Goals refer to a set of initiatives for realizing free and open trade in the Asia-Pacific agreed by member economies in 1994 in Bogor, Indonesia.
2012) performed their research in a conditioned laboratory in Kyoto, Japan, and our research was conducted in the tropical atmosphere of Bogor, Indonesia.
According to the statement, Syed Zulfiqar Ali, a Pakistani national, was arrested on drug trafficking charges from Bogor, Indonesia, in November 2004.
Founded right after the Sukhoi crash tragedy in Salak Mountain, Bogor, Indonesia in 2012, BSG are thoroughly trained to ensure successful and cost-efficient SAR operations.
Ringing with calls for sustainable development, the four-page "APEC Leaders' Declaration: From Vision to Action" traced the evolution of the forum from the leaders' first meeting at Blake Island in Seattle, Washington, United State in 1993; Bogor, Indonesia, in 1994 Osaka, Japan, in 1995; to Subic this year.
The first Zest hotel to open is Zest Hotel Bogor, Indonesia, and there are about a dozen more in the pipeline for Java, Bali and other locations in Indonesia.
Under the terms of the deal, the UK firm also sold its non-core Indonesian Insto eye drops brand to Pharma Healthcare Pte Ltd and agreed to offload its manufacturing operations in Bogor, Indonesia to PT Pharma Healthcare for a total of IDR133bn.
A special meeting among the officials from the 16 countries in Bogor, Indonesia, earlier this month remained deadlocked on the guidelines proposed to them by the ASEAN side.
Muhammad Syafii Antonio, Rector of TAZKIA University College of Islamic Economics, Bogor, Indonesia
Bogor, Indonesia, Rabi'II 27, 1433, Mar 20, 2012, SPA - The Syrian conflict has reached an "unacceptable and intolerable" level, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday.
2) The study, titled Impact of Decentralisation on Access to Contraception in Bogor, Indonesia, was coordinated by the author.