Bohai Sea

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Bo·hai Sea

or Bo·hai Gulf (bō′hī′)
An inlet of the Yellow Sea on the northeast coast of China formed by the Shandong and Liaodong Peninsulas. Its western arm is Bohai Bay.
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After closing off a 15,000-square-mile stretch of the East China Sea, the Chinese navy launched live-fire exercises Monday involving dozens of ships and submarines, more than 10 aircraft and a number of coastal troops in the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea, according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency.
A statement by the Chinese defence ministry yesterday said that Chinese rocket forces tested a new type of missile in the Bohai Sea.
Liaoning will conduct further drills in other parts of China's maritime area which includes the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea," (http://www.
The Caofeidian Phase 2 Project, to which the GTCC power plant will be delivered, is currently being constructed on a man-made island (Caofeidian Island) off the shore of Tangshan, facing the Bohai Sea.
Based on quality composition data, cluster analysis demonstrates three different scallop product origins: those from the North Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, Middle Yellow Sea, and Laizhou Bay.
The report notes China is using its newly expanded naval power in maritime disputes throughout the region, including the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, East China Sea, and South China Sea--where China has clashed with Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan.
Cities and regions discussed include Shanghai, Hangzhou, the Bohai Sea Economic Zone, and the Pearl River Delta region.
Through its factory in China, Rotork Gears received and completed an order from the Shanghai Pudong Hanwei Valve Company that involved two WGS Series subsea gearboxes fitted to a double block and bleed valve for a natural gas pipeline in the Bohai Sea.
Media sources have said that about a thousand ships were stuck in ice in Laizhou Bay in the eastern Bohai Sea.
Other important ports, such as Qinhuangdao, Dalian and Tianjin are also located on the Bohai Sea.
According to Xinhua, the high-speed service "greatly shortens trips from the Anhui cities of Hefei, Bengbu, and Huainan to the Yangtze Delta in the east, Pearl River Delta in the south, and Bohai Sea Rim in the north, all, national economic engines.
The Hai Basin Integrated Water and Environment Management Project has effectively promoted an integrated approach to water resource management and pollution control in the Hai Basin in northern China and contributed to the restoration and protection of marine environment, ecosystem and biodiversity in the Bohai Sea.