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also Boeh·me  (bœ′mə) or Boehm (bœm), Jakob 1575-1624.
German theosophist and mystic whose works, including Mysterium Magnum (1623), describe evil as a necessary antithesis to good. He is considered the founder of modern theosophy.


(German ˈbøːmə) or




(Biography) Jakob (ˈjaːkɔp). 1575–1624, German mystic


(ˈbeɪ mə, ˈboʊ-)
Jakob, 1575–1624, German theosophist.
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Noun1.Bohme - German mystic and theosophist who founded modern theosophyBohme - German mystic and theosophist who founded modern theosophy; influenced George Fox (1575-1624)
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