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An island in the Visayan Islands of central Philippines north of Mindanao in the Bohol Sea. The Bohol Strait separates Bohol from Cebu.


(Placename) an island of the central Philippines. Chief town: Tagbilaran. Pop: 1 139 130 (2000). Area: about 3900 sq km (1500 sq miles)



an island in the S central Philippines. 806,013; 1492 sq. mi. (3864 sq. km).
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Only one ASEAN meeting was originally scheduled in Bohol, however,
The legal team of Bohol Provincial Board Member Nino Rey Boniel has withdrawn the petition that challenged the validity of his arrest.
A local court has dismissed the charges filed against seven policemen accused of illegally arresting and detaining two of the nine suspects in the killing of Mayor Gisela Boniel of Bien Unido town in Bohol.
I spent my weekend taking the latest Ro-Ro vessel, the Fast Cat Batangas from the Port of Cebu to the Port of Tubigon just across the Bohol Strait.
Tagbilaran City -Work on the Bohol-Cebu Friendship Bridge, a 24-kilometer-long chain of bridges and causeways that will link Getafe in Bohol with Cordova in Cebu will start construction this year, according to Bohol's 2nd district representative Erico Aumentado.
The Department of Agriculture (DA) is eyeing Bohol to be the country's dairy capital, as the government seeks to kick-start its program that aims to improve milk production in the provinces.
In an effort to make Boholanos become more aware of the hosting of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the Philippines, Governor Edgar Chatto has proposed to issue a directive to have the ASEAN Hymn sung in the last two months of 2017 in Bohol.
Manila: A senior Philippine police official was taken into custody by authorities in Bohol recently on suspicion that she colluded with the Abu Sayyaf to rescue some of their beleaguered comrades.
Starting October 27 until midnight of October 28, an election liquor ban will be implemented nationwide except in the Province of Bohol and in Zamboanga City," Jimenez said.
Power outages are still experienced in the province of Bohol and Iloilo, Cadiz city in Negros Occidental province to date.
2 magnitude quake on Tuesday, which caused landslides and widespread damage to infrastructure in the tourist destinations of Bohol island and the nearby Cebu islands.
At least 10 people were missing under the collapsed public hospital, church and a home in the town of Loon on Bohol island, 630 km (390 miles) south of Manila, which bore the brunt of the 7.