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An island in the Visayan Islands of central Philippines north of Mindanao in the Bohol Sea. The Bohol Strait separates Bohol from Cebu.


(Placename) an island of the central Philippines. Chief town: Tagbilaran. Pop: 1 139 130 (2000). Area: about 3900 sq km (1500 sq miles)



an island in the S central Philippines. 806,013; 1492 sq. mi. (3864 sq. km).
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A policeman from Bohol province who went AWOL (absent without leave) was shot dead by an unidentified gunman in a residential area in Cebu City before dawn today.
2-magnitude earthquake jolted Bohol province on Oct.
Military and police officials say a soldier and at least five gunmen were killed in an ongoing clash in Inabanga town in Bohol province, a popular tourist destination.
Members of the 47th Infantry Battalion, Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO), the Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB) and the regional Philippine National Police (PNP) clashed with members of the 19-year-old Abu Sayyaf group at So Ilaya, Napo Village, Inabanga mountain town in Bohol province, at 3 early in the morning, Senior Police Officer Edwin Melicor of Inabanga Police Station said in a report that reached PNP headquarters in Metro Manila's suburban Quezon City.
Lastly, the Outstanding Regional Partner for Implementing BSP Advocacy on the Conduct of Public Information Campaigns was given to the Department of Education Bohol Province.
government workers work to set up a makeshift bridge in Cortez town, Bohol province.
She said that she plans to ask fellow international artists to help the earthquake victims in Bohol province for whom the concert is being staged.
By Robertzon F Ramirez Manila Times Church officials in Bohol province are faced with a huge problem.
The piece of art is part of the Stuart Collection, which in a 1982 agreement uses the entire UCSD campus as a site for commissioned sculpture AT SEA A rare Socotra cormorant, which landed on the flight deck of the Royal Navy''''s helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious, briefly halting operations as the vessel was patrolling the Gulf as part of a major training exercise PHILIPPINES Commuters cross a damaged bridge at Cortes township, Bohol province yesterday.
Most of the victims were from Bohol province, the epicentre of Tuesday's magnitude-7.
159 people were killed in Bohol province, the epicentre of Tuesday's quake, while twelve other victims were from the nearby provinces of Cebu and Siquijor, the same sources added, noting that emergency workers rushed food, water, medicines, tents and other relief goods to the survivors, many of whom still staying outdoors for fear of aftershocks.
The air force was carrying 11 tonnes (25,000 lbs) of relief supplies to affected residents in Bohol province, a military spokesman said.