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 (bo͝ol′ĭn, bo͝o-lĭn′), Anne 1507?-1536.
Queen of England (1533-1536) as the second wife of Henry VIII. She gave birth to a child who became Elizabeth I but was later tried for adultery and beheaded.


(bʊˈlɪn; ˈbʊlɪn)
(Biography) Anne. 1507–36, second wife of Henry VIII of England; mother of Elizabeth I. She was executed on a charge of adultery


(ˈbʊl ɪn, bʊˈlɪn)

Anne, 1507–36, second wife of Henry VIII of England: mother of Queen Elizabeth I.
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Noun1.Boleyn - the second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth IBoleyn - the second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth I; was executed on a charge of adultery (1507-1536)
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He, too, like Petrarch, addressed his sonnets to a lady, and the lady he took for his love was Queen Anne Boleyn.
After a little search, grandma produced an old portfolio, and selecting the papers, read the following letter, written by Anne Boleyn before her marriage to Henry VIII, and now in the possession of a celebrated antiquarian:
I am just going to mass, and you shall speedily have the prayers, as you have now the kindest love of your own ANNE BOLEYN.
But when the Pope finally refused Henry's demand for the divorce from Katharine of Spain, which would make possible a marriage with Anne Boleyn, Henry angrily threw off the papal authority and declared himself the Supreme Head of the Church in England, thus establishing the separate English (Anglican, Episcopal) church.
com)-- Jesse Boleyn proudly presents Adey Bell at Orcas Center, Sat Aug 26.
The castle near the Shannon is famous as the ancestral home of Anne Boleyn, second wife of England's King Henry VIII, who was beheaded in 1536.
What was supposed to be a memorable climax to 112 years at the Boleyn Ground turned ugly before kick-off on Tuesday, and newspaper back pages were dominated by images of United's coach with several windows shattered.
The Hammers bring the curtain down on 112 years at the Boleyn Ground, prior to their move to the Olympic Stadium, when they face Manchester United on Tuesday.
Take the Boleyn sofa, its gorgeous shimmering finish is down to the luxury crushed velvet and silk upholstery, which entices you to get cosy on its plump, comfy seating.
This very obvious take-off on the Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn slice of history is an updated version that takes place in an upscale Washington State town and its private high school.
Synopsis: Nearly twenty years have passed since Anne Boleyn died at the hands of her slayer and savior, Jean Rombaud.
Lady Katherine Knollys: The Unacknowledged Daughter of King Henry VIII is a biography of Katherine Knollys (1524-1569), the daughter of King Henry VIII's mistress Mary Boleyn, before he married her sister Anne Boleyn.