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abbreviation for
(Automotive Engineering) Bolivia (international car registration)


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And Boli - who won the Champions League with the club in 1993 before moving to Ibrox soon after - has been far from impressed with Fletcher.
Late last year, BOLI investigators sent the university demands for alleged unpaid prevailing wages, which define hourly wage and overtime requirements for workers in any given area.
BOLI is used to recover costs of employee benefits and offset liabilities for retirement benefits, helping banks to keep up with ever-rising benefit costs.
9 billion in BOLI holdings among 4,025 banks nationwide as of September 2007, but even in the Southeast, the region where the greatest proportion of banks carry the insurance, only 35 percent of banks have it.
From a bank accounting perspective, the purchase of life insurance has been described as a "repositioning" of assets on the balance sheet, "from the securities portfolio to the BOLI portfolio," that generates "incremental income.
Boli became a legend for Marseille after bagging the winning goal in their 1-0 European Cup Final win over AC Milan in 1993.
During that interview, Rodriguez declined to say which substance he used, but today he told reporters in Tampa he used Boli, which he said is available over the counter in the Dominican Republic.
Particular BOLI policies--called separate account policies--often have stable value agreements or stable value protection contracts from banks or insurance carriers.
BOLI is a controversial topic, and to the layperson, it may seem as though banks are profiting from the deaths of employees merely to bolster their bottom lines, as suggested by recent press stories.
In the single-package category, Carson received the BOLI for its package design for the Caribou Binocular.
Since institutions often purchase life insurance in conjunction with established deferred compensation programs, the advisory also discusses the appropriate accounting treatment for BOLI.