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 (bō′lə-nēz′, -nēs′, -lən-yēz′, -yēs′)
1. also Bo·lo′gnan (bə-lōn′yən) Of, relating to, or characteristic of Bologna, Italy.
2. Being or served with a sauce containing meat, tomatoes and other vegetables, and often wine and cream: spaghetti Bolognese.
1. also Bolognan A native or inhabitant of Bologna, Italy.
2. Bolognese sauce.



(ˌbɒləˈniːz; -ˈneɪz)
(Placename) of or relating to Bologna or its inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Bologna


(ˌboʊ ləˈniz, -ˈnis, -lənˈyiz, -ˈyis)

adj., n., pl. -gnese. adj.
1. of or pertaining to Bologna or its inhabitants.
2. a native or inhabitant of Bologna.
[1750–60; < Italian; see Bologna, -ese]


[bɒləˈnjeɪz] ADJ bolognese saucesalsa f boloñesa
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This sprung from the popular goodwill which the house of Bentivogli enjoyed in those days in Bologna; which was so great that, although none remained there after the death of Annibale who was able to rule the state, the Bolognese, having information that there was one of the Bentivogli family in Florence, who up to that time had been considered the son of a blacksmith, sent to Florence for him and gave him the government of their city, and it was ruled by him until Messer Giovanni came in due course to the government.
VTESCO Wicked Kitchen Nana's Mushroom Bolognese (400g), PS4 VERSUS Spaghetti Bolognese (450g), PS2.
Auto Business News-October 18, 2017--Lamborghini completes construction of new assembly line at Sant' Agata Bolognese production plant
We love salpicao for its garlic-laced stir-fried seasoned goodness and bolognese as a tomato sauce pasta staple for our weekly menu or for special occasions.
Garlic bread and bolognese Bolognese garlic baguette combines 2 classics that Australians love.
The driver of the vehicle declined&nbsp;to comment to the Shropshire Star, staying in the cab of his truck while waiting for the spaghetti bolognese to be cleared.
The photos included snacks such as oatcakes and cheese, and popular meals such as spaghetti bolognese.
GORDON Ramsay's daughter reckons mum Tana cooks a better bolognese sauce than the celebrity chef - as his is just too "fancy".
In the Felsina Pittrice of 1678, Carlo Cesare Malvasia elevated Elisabetta Sirani (1638-65) into the top rank of Bolognese painters, closing the second volume of his magisterial historiography of Bolognese art with an extraordinary encomium to the painter.
So we asked our Test Drive panelists, including substitute panelist Kyle, to sample the new Italian-made Hemisfares Bolognese Pasta Sauce with Barolo Wine.
Jacob had the bolognese pizza, while Benjamin had penne bolognese.