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also bol·she·vist  (bōl′shə-vĭst, bŏl′-)

Bol′she·vist, Bol′she·vis′tic adj.
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Noun1.Bolshevist - a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist partyBolshevist - a Russian member of the left-wing majority group that followed Lenin and eventually became the Russian communist party
commie, communist - a socialist who advocates communism
Adj.1.Bolshevist - of or relating to Bolshevism; "Bolshevik Revolution"


A. ADJbolchevista
B. Nbolchevista mf
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It seemed, for a moment, as though the country were staggering under the assault of the savage Bolshevist beast.
A letter writer to the Cambria Daily Leader also objected to "that insolent Russian Bolshevist violinist from Merthyr" and on February 14, 1919, the Abergavenny Chronicle reported that he had been arrested under the Aliens Restriction Act and deported.
condemned mandatory public schooling as a Platonic and Bolshevist idea
Pioneers have the opportunity to enjoy various entertaining activities, since the Bolshevist Party and Stalin take care of it.
But there has always been a counter-current to the anti-democratic practices of Leninists past and present, beginning as far back as the Menshevik opposition to Bolshevist repression in the first heady days of the revolution.
A teacher-led pedagogy had been returned to the USSR during the 1930s after Stalin had brought the radical student-centred bolshevist teaching methods of the 1920s to an end, but under 'High Stalinism' after World War Two authoritarian teaching was in the ascendant, since the development of pupils' initiative and self-discovery was not to be encouraged.
It is the result, finally, of the Bolshevist invasion.
Moreover, Bolshevist Russia was the first to sign a friendship treaty on March 16, 1921 with the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which had recently been established under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal.
To this intention, he writing the novel in Berlin in 1934, "some fifteen years after [his] escaping from the Bolshevist regime, and just before the Nazi regime reached its full volume of welcome" (cf.
Bolshevist armies also attempted to capture Latvia but were repulsed, leaving in the hands of the Latvians supplies of Russian banknotes, half finished (i.
The first, "On Bolshevism," sets forth Lewis's thoughts on reading Vladimir Lenin's 1917 manifesto on Bolshevist Communism, The State and Revolution, in 1924.
He gravitates to the fictional Bolshevist Leninist Group in Vietnam (207), tries to bring the [PR.