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Noun1.bolt cutter - an implement for cutting bolts
cutlery, cutting tool, cutter - a cutting implement; a tool for cutting
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Nicole, seen carrying bolt cutters, also resembled David Bowie's character Jareth in 1986 cult film Labyrinth?
Pleaded guilty to stealing bolt cutters, worth PS60, from B & Q and possessing cannabis on September 10.
It is understood the kids had a pair of bolt cutters and tried to cut thick black electrical cable sticking up from the floor not realising it was still live.
Workers found a rucksack containing bolt cutters and three lengths of signalling cable that had been cut.
Bolt cutters used in attempt to cut front brake disc from lock of Honda motorcycle.
Thieves used bolt cutters to force their way into the Anselmians Rugby Club building, in Eastham, in the early hours of Monday morning.
A typical cable bike lock is like butter to any common thief with bolt cutters.
It's a noble plan and a pair of bolt cutters is all that's required to carry it out.
This had to be premeditated, as I doubt many people drive around with ladders and bolt cutters looking for things to steal.
Last April, Devon and Cornwall police had to use bolt cutters to open the door of a hotel room where they found him fast asleep under a duvet.
The defendant drove off at speed and during the pursuit a bag, which contained bolt cutters, was thrown from the vehicle.
He quickly removes a pair of bolt cutters from his jacket before getting to work on the bike lock.