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bolt·er 1

1. A horse given to bolting.
2. One who gives up membership in or withdraws support from a political party.

bolt·er 2

1. A machine used for sifting, especially for sifting flour.
2. One who operates a sifting machine.


1. an outsider in a contest or race
2. (Historical Terms) history an escaped convict; bushranger
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This sparkling sally is to the effect that although he always knew she was the best-groomed woman in the stud, he had no idea she was a bolter.
Milty bolter told me a grate story in school yesterday.
Shutting down, I begin to unstrap as another aircraft bolters.
In the ready room, squadronmates hoot and howl as they move the bolt from above the chair of the last bolter dupe to the chair of the new victim.
The Table of Contents shows the seventeen bushrangers divided into three categories: The Bolters (8), Local Outlaws (6), The Last Stand (3).
If needed, the S-3B will overfly the aircraft during its final approach in case the aircraft bolters and needs to refuel to complete the evolution.
In the movie, my character's dog BOLT befriends a little hamster who gets around in a ball - so we've recruited four BOLTERS to make like hamsters and roll through cities coast to coast in a giant hamster ball to raise money for the ASPCA," Cyrus said.
The order comprises four face drilling rigs, four rock bolters, four 15-tonne loaders, six mine trucks, as well as parts and accessories.
Because of the multiple waveoffs and bolters from other aircraft, approach continued to vector many aircraft in the bolter-waveoff pattern, besides the aircraft that still were pushing from marshal.
We believe that this patent, coupled with our portfolio of granted and pending patents, bolters AVANT's leadership position covering the technology of anti-atherosclerosis vaccines.
I reassured myself that the Hornet-no-HUD emergency would get the bolters no-counted and the ace auto-no-grade brought up to at least a fair.