n.1.(Zool.) An edible fish of the Nile (genus Chromis).
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Ost suggested aiming for a steampunk look, and went on to furnish the production with "heavy, cagy, bolty metals," fabrics printed with the silhouettes of iron castings, ceramic tiles that evoked l9th-century insane asylums, and, for one wealthy character, a hat ornamented with chromed chicken skulls.
A guy whose big guns suit his sizeable frame - there are no bloodshot eyes with Bolty.
Bolty has not shaved for about three years and has just about grown a full, carrott-coloured beard that would make all fellow gingers smile from freckle to freckle.
But both men were keen to play down their separation - dubbed Bolty v Balti in a public spat last week.
Skipper John "Coco" Crawford soon solved the puzzle and said: "Nobody's willing to spend nine hours next to Bolty.