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n.1.(Zool.) A large American serpent, so called from the sound it makes.
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BOM software helps to visualize and share BOM information across various units of an organization on a real-time basis.
Only the SIP problem with BOM having a small number of parts can obtain the optimal solution by enumeration within a reasonable computation time.
A centralized process for managing and integrating BOM data in the Army's ERP environment ensures integrity of the information and proper accountability down to the end-user level.
This agreement will ensure further economic growth by sharing our experience and knowledge of payment business with BOM.
55 degree Celsius above average and the highest in record, BOM said.
From a BOM perspective, perhaps the most encouraging trend for eOEMs trying to add functionality to their products by sourcing tens of disparate components--each of which must hit its own performance, repeatability, and quality-control specs--is the ability to eliminate 'components' altogether by choosing a modularized solution wherein all the discrete components and other ancillary are already combined into a single, proven, SMT unit that just needs to be soldered down.
The low-end iPhone 4S with the same memory density as the base-model iPhone 5 carried a BOM of $188.
51% with a maturity of ten years, thus enabling BOM to
Methods such as the BOM are fruits of the Catholic Church.
Local carrier Jet Airways, now a London operator too, serves 29 destinations from BOM but its chances of picking up connecting traffic must be limited.
As manufacturing becomes more distributed, the role of the BOM becomes more critical to the manufacturing process.