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bombilla (foreground) and mate cup(background)


A metal straw having a bulbous end perforated with holes that filters out mate leaves when drinking mate from a calabash.

[American Spanish, from diminutive of Spanish bomba, pump, from Latin bombus, a booming sound; see bomb.]
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The drink gets its name from the vessel from which it is traditionally drunk -- normally with a metal straw known as bombilla in Spanish -- a small cup called a mate made from the dried shell of a gourd, a hard-shelled bulbous fruit.
8 KARIN SCHNEIDER (PERIFERICO CARACAS; CURATED BY JESUS FUENMAYOR) In this solo exhibition, Schneider realized the full potential of community art, collaborating with residents of Caracas's Barrio la Bombilla de Petare to set up a ceramic workshop that operated during gallery hours.
When Andrea first arrives at the house on Aribau Street, she immediately notices what Ruth El Saffar calls "the corroding influence of time": "los 'desgastados escalones de mosaico,' la 'debil bombilla que quedaba sujeta a uno de los brazos de la lampara, magnifica y sucia de telaranas'" (121-122).
San Mateo Loose Yerba Mate can be brewed like coffee in a French press, coffee machine or espresso maker, or it can be enjoyed the traditional way--with a gourd and bombilla (metal filtered straw).
Baltimore-based Bombilla & Gourd has introduced USDA certified organic, ready-to-drink mate tea.
The tea (or yerba) was traditionally drunk from a gourd (or mate), sipped through a straw known as a bombilla.
In some cases, the terminal phoneme(s) of the word may change to reflect the assignment: el/la sarten 'frying pan,' el/la mar 'sea,' el bombiio, la bombilla 'lightbulb,' etc.
Despite the high cost of meat in France, Segui takes pains to stage a regular gaucho-style asado, and daily he sips through a bombilla the caffeine-rich brew steeped from the yerba mate leaves he buys in bulk in his homeland.