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 (bŏn′ə-vĕn′chər) also Bon·a·ven·tu·ra (bŏn′ə-vĕn-cho͝or′ə, -to͝or′ə, -tyo͝or′ə), Saint Originally Giovanni di Fidanza. Known as "the Seraphic Doctor." 1217?-1274.
Italian theologian and philosopher who taught that the goal of all the arts and sciences is the direct contemplation of God.


(ˌbɒnəvɛnˈtjʊərə) or


(Biography) Saint, called the Seraphic Doctor. 1221–74, Italian Franciscan monk, mystic, theologian, and philosopher; author of a Life of St Francis and Journey of the Soul to God Feast day: July 14
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Mbaye Niang fired a double, including a penalty, while Giacomo Bonaventura and Luiz Adriano were also on target for AC.
With the in-form Giacomo Bonaventura suspended, the Rossoneri played below par after their 3-1 win at Lazio and found little help from the
Whereas the Catholic church has a clear vision of the special meaning of marriage, it's viewed in the civil context as a contract between two people--and it's a fact of modern society that such contracts vary," said Thierry Bonaventura, spokesman for the Council of European Bishops' Conferences.
Milan's Giacomo Bonaventura should have put Milan ahead inside the first quarter, but he failed to get his head on Riccardo Montolivo's cross and instead clashed heads with Real's Raphael Varane.
Sophomore Steve Saucier (8 of 17, 103 passing yards) will take over under center after splitting time with Adam Gustafson last season, and his likely targets are Pat Fitzgerald, Pat Westerlind, Pete Bonaventura, Pat Lovely and Chris Brodeur.
The project, whose latest draft was penned by Matthew Michael Carnahan, will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian.
However, "Transformers 4" producer Lorenzo do Bonaventura feels it is untimely to make such declarations.
Bonaventura Bottone and Pamela Helen Stephen brought much presence to the Max Cliffordlike publicists Valzacchi and Annina, and Ji-Min Park filled the hall as the fulsome Italian tenor.
Eleven-goal top scorer Gustavo Denis is in good nick so too is attacking midfielder Giacomo Bonaventura, who has bagged three in his last three.
Joining Opera North will be an extraordinary list of performers including Giselle Allen, Marie Arnet, Dame Josephine Barstow, Richard Berkeley-Steele, Bonaventura Bottone, Susan Bullock, Lesley Garrett, John Graham-Hall, Robert Hayward, Yvonne Howard, Janis Kelly, Dame Felicity Palmer, David Pountney, Jean Rigby, Richard Suart and many more.
Emphasis is on German Gothic novelists of the Romantic generation, including Bonaventura, J.
Bonaventura Clotet signed the agreement today to expand both the capacity and reach of these organizations, not only in Spain and the US, but also in Latin America.