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A trademark for a variety of materials used to repair automobile bodies.
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The matter has now been reported at Usenge Police Station and the hunt for the culprit is on after a P3 form was filled at the Bondo Sub-County Hospital.
Alphonso Modisaotsile made a solo run into the box and when faced with Police goal-minder Bokamoso Moeba, he was illegally stopped on his tracks by Poloko Khole and Bondo pointed to the spot.
The endeavour to end power outages in Siaya will be accomplished through 132 substations at Bondo and Ndigwa, whose construction will start early January
The landslide on Wednesday morning sent mud, rocks and dirt flooding into the village of Bondo, near the Italian border.
As reported by local authorities, eight citizens of Switzerland, Germany and Austria have disappeared after a massive rocky slump near Bergdorf Bondo, located on the border between Italy and Switzerland.
Bondo, though, learned this month that he had failed.
Hir a phigfain ydi cynffon gwennol, ond mae un gwennol y bondo yn llawer byrrach.
The listing depends on the equity markets and their development, and this does not seem very bright now," Bondo said, adding there are no updates on the topic of RS Platou listing.
Mae nyth gwennol y bondo y peth bach taclusaf welsoch chi 'rioed, yn gampwaith o frics mwd, brown golau a phob bricsen wedi'i gosod yn gariadus yn ei lle.
Bondo was with Taylor Mortgage for about five years.
Parts of Bondo, including the town square, lie so deep in the Bregaglia Valley that they receive no rays of sunlight between December and mid-February.
The appellate court noted that Bondo had presented evidence of an arm's-length transaction including a limited warranty deed, a seller closing statement, and the first four pages from a purchase agreement.