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1. A cemetery.
2. A place where the bones of wild animals accumulate.
3. A place where refuse, especially discarded cars, accumulates or is kept.


an informal name for a cemetery



1. a cemetery.
2. a place where the bones of wild animals accumulate.
3. a place where old or discarded cars, etc., are collected before being disposed of.
[1850–55, Amer.]
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A past president of the Society of Aviation History, Nicholas Veronico has written over two dozen works on aviation history, including Wreckchasing: A Guide to Finding Aircraft Crash Sites (1992) and Military Aircraft Boneyards (2000).
Penn State archeologist Pat Shipman recently calculated that the age ranges of mammoths found in these ancient boneyards suggest that the animals were hunted, not just scavenged after a catastrophe killed an entire herd, Discovery News reported.
com covers the world of commercial aviation with breaking news and a host of unique features, such as first flights, aircraft rollouts, planespotting, airline timetables, route maps, photo tours of airport terminals and museums, rare access to scrapped aircraft boneyards, ultra-rare airline and aircraft brochures and memorabilia, and much more.
Frontman Winston McCall's demonic bark added an extra layer of intensity to monsters like Boneyards and Karma, while support band The Ghost Inside came back on stage for a brutal run through Deliver Me.
The atmosphere was electric as the crushing Boneyards, Sleepwalker, Karma and Home Is For The Heartless elicited brutal pits which stretched right back to the mixing desk.
BONEYARDS is a pick for any interested in space opera science fiction, and returns Rusch's character Boss to a new adventure.
Kyle, 21, was bitten in half on Sunday at the Boneyards surf break off Bunker Bay, about 300km south of Perth.
In essence, she became a sort of boneyards artist-in-residence.
Indianapolis, IN, in 1981, had observed, while making the rounds selling filtration products, that more efficient centrifuge separators were often found in company boneyards or resting, unused, in a plant corner.
net, you can play online for free at Cave Dog's Boneyards online community.
2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- "We are noting an impressive response as local history buffs are taking a tour of Detroit's Boneyards in historian Richard Bak's new book, Boneyards; Detroit Under Ground," said Jane Hoehner, Director of Wayne State University Press, located in the heart of Detroit's cultural district.