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 (bô-när′), Pierre 1867-1947.
French painter who adhered to an impressionistic style in works such as The Bath.


(French bɔnar)
(Biography) Pierre (pjɛr). 1867–1947, French painter and lithographer, noted for the effects of light and colour in his landscapes and sunlit interiors



Pierre, 1867–1947, French painter.
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APPEAL LAUNCHED: Cleveland Police's former deputy chief constable Derek Bonnard, left, has appealed against the decision to sack him from his PS118k job.
However, both Bonnard and Muakaad both have a chance.
Bonnard, who reared up in the stalls in the Champagne Lanson Vintage Stakes at Goodwood, causing Mick Kinane to narrowly escape a
Larry was chiefly involved with Bonnard and Renoir at first, later Manet and Soutine; Joan Mitchell-Duchamp; Mike Goldberg--Cezanne, Villon, de Kooning; Helen Frankenthaler--Pollock, Miro; Al Leslie--Motherwell; De Niro--Matisse; Nell Blame--Helion; Hartigan--Pollock, Guston; Harry Jackson--a lot of Matisse with a little German Expressionism; Jane Freilicher--a more subtle combination of Soutine with some Monticelli and Moreau appearing through the paint.
Derek Bonnard was dismissed for gross misconduct after the panel upheld six out of seven counts against him.
Racegoers held their breath as the giant TV screen showed Kinane in danger of being crushed between the back of the stalls and rearing two-year-old Bonnard at the start of the Champagne Stakes, but help came in the nick of time.
The assurances came after the sacking yesterday of Deputy Chief Constable Derek Bonnard for gross misconduct.
Chianti and Ecology have registered five victories between them so far, all at odds-on, but punters will get better value today in a field in which Aidan O'Brien sends over Bonnard, a good third to Vacamonte at the July meeting.
This retrospective, selected by independent curator Sarah Whitfield (who put together the widely praised 1998 Bonnard exhibition), should fill in the gaps.
Derek Bonnard, 50, has been suspended as deputy chief constable of Cleveland Police on PS118,052-a-year due to his arrest in August 2011, following an inquiry into corruption.
AIDAN O'BRIEN, whose Freshwater Pearl was found to be lame before her intended run in Tuesday's Cherry Hinton Stakes, sends Bonnard for the Weatherbys Superlative Stakes today.
The answer is plenty of people when the pictures are painted by Pierre Bonnard, a major retrospective of whose work is now on display at London's Tate Gallery.