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n. Scots
A curling match or tournament.

[Probably Dutch *bonspel, league game : bon, league, perhaps from bonne, precinct of a city + spel, game, from Middle Dutch.]


(ˈbɒnˌspiːl; -spəl)
(Curling) a curling match
[C16: probably from Low German; compare Flemish bonespel children's game; see spiel]



a competition or tournament between curling clubs.
[1555–65; Scots dial., perhaps < Dutch or Low German]
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The committee organizes monthly lunch and learns with guest speakers, mini-curling bonspiels and Fresh Fruit Fridays in the workplace.
Gardiner said officials from Ile-a-la-Crosse also plan to continue staging future national bonspiels.
The national bonspiel had been cancelled in 2013 and it appeared doubtful it would be revived this year.
In return, our students were in great demand as babysitters and substitute teachers, and we were more than welcome at private and public celebrations, including 24-hour bonspiels and the Winter Carnival (where our snowshoers were valuable cannon fodder).
He has competed with top curlers at tournaments, called bonspiels, in Canada, where curling is wildly popular.
Bill enjoyed playing all sports but his lifelong passion was curling; as an ardent curler who immensely enjoyed and thrived on the competition of bonspiels.
In recent years, it has hosted the Canada Games, a share of the World Junior Hockey Championships, world class baseball tournaments and numerous prestigious curling bonspiels.
So I'm not expecting a phone call from the Royal Caledonian Curling Club inviting me to play in one of its top bonspiels.
It's sort of an offshoot of the competitive bonspiels we play now -- right now it's much like the pro golf tour, with winnings accumulating during the season.
But Fry would like to stuff the Gardens' schedule with more competitive men's and women's hockey tournaments, ringette, and curling bonspiels.
People think it's not exciting, but everyone here is glued to the ice," says Cindy Hartwell, club board member and the organizer of several bonspiels, including this one.
He will compete in 12 cash bonspiels this year, as well as in the various playdowns.