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The practice or profession of recording the accounts and transactions of a business.

book′keep′er n.
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Noun1.bookkeeper - someone who records the transactions of a businessbookkeeper - someone who records the transactions of a business
accountant, comptroller, controller - someone who maintains and audits business accounts


[ˈbʊkˌkiːpəʳ] Ncontable mf, tenedor(a) m/f de libros, contador(a) m/f (LAm)
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Alex delos Santos, Los Banos police chief, identified the victims as Wilma Aguinaldo, 60, and a resident of Calamba City, and Rufina Mendoza, 55, a book keeper and a resident of Los Banos.
Mr Clarke, 81, was a retired mechanic, while his wife was a 78-year-old retired book keeper.
Business is Absentee Owner with Manager and a Book Keeper.
A spokeswoman for Dublin Zoo said the new silverback gorilla will be sourced through a stud book keeper.
Frey has been with The Solomon Organization for six years, most recently as the Assistant Comptroller and book keeper.
He worked as a book keeper for Nichols & Stone and later at TC Tool as a book keeper and tool & die maker.
YWP has a state of the art giraffe house built in 2012 with a bachelor herd of four male giraffes and the capacity to take an extra male, subject to the agreement of the European stud book keeper.
She worked as a company book keeper after leaving school.
Emma, who now works as a book keeper at Alnwick's Barter Books, launched her first venture into publishing last year and is now hoping her work will reach a wider audience.
This multi-generational story ultimately focuses on Clem, son of a returned soldier and a book keeper, living on an estate in Norfolk just after WWII.
30) looks an interesting contest earlier on the card and Godolphin inmate Book Keeper can land the spoils.
The obvious course of action is to always keep and maintain good records and employ a book keeper but for an annual premium of between pounds 75 and pounds 362.