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book′ review`

1. a critical analysis of a book.
2. a section of a newspaper or magazine devoted to such analysis, esp. of new books.
book′ review`er, n.
book′ review`ing, n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: review - a critical review of a book (usually a recently published book)book review - a critical review of a book (usually a recently published book)
critical review, critique, review article, review - an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play)
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Book reviews can be written individually, as shown by the example here by Luke Exley, with a writing partner or even as a whole class activity.
We encourage our readers to submit book reviews they believe should be required reading for the defense acquisition professional.
How to Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically should be on the reading lists of anyone interested in gaining and, even more important, using book reviews.
Book reviews are an essential, core, fundamental part of every successful marketing plan specifically designed to bring the book to the attention of the librarians, booksellers, and the reading public.
That makes for a worthy issue already, but then we have seventeen book reviews.
The editor coordinates with the Public Relations chair to publicize announcements for content; collects submissions via e-mail; solicits specific submissions by society members and/or Committees and Interest Groups; edits all submissions for content, length, and syntax; approves and incorporates the book reviews edited by the Book Review Editor; and sends the final content to the Layout Editor for .
This Spring 2015 issue features three essays from a variety of different disciplines, two review essays, and 13 book reviews on globalization topics (defined broadly), a predominant theme of the journal.
We plan to feature reviews under four genres: single book reviews in which individual volumes are featured; multi-book reviews in which volumes are reviewed under a common thematic framework; policy reviews featuring federal, state, and non-profit educational initiatives; and research report reviews targeting current work of substantial investigative impact.
There is no question that book reviews drive sales, but who writes the book review is what really matters.
Complete Journalism: Articles, Book Reviews, and Manuscripts
You and I have read lengthy book reviews that cover a good deal of background surrounding the time period or the author himself.
In 2006, SooHoo (SooHoo, 2006), invited you to submit book reviews addressing all aspects of teaching, teacher preparation, and local and national educational policy.