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A small backpack or other bag used to carry books and papers.
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I opened it up and a box of chocolate hearts and a bouquet of roses were by my bookbag.
A Bookbag of the Bag Ladies' Best: Resources, Ideas, and Hands-on Activities for the K-5 Classroom, Revised Edition
His belongings were shoved in a bookbag, and whatever didn't fit was tied up in a grocery bag.
These were school days, mind you, in which I woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, assembled our sack lunches, helped my brother Tim tie his shoes and amass his stuff into his bookbag, rode our bikes across town to school, spent the day in class, rode our bikes home, did our homework, had some dinner, took our baths, got into our PJs, read some books, said our prayers and went to bed.
My bookbag bouncing on my back, I ran to the edge of the field and waved my arms until my father noticed me.
This 4chan image was of interest to users because of the fact that it shows a man with a stuffed backpack near the finish line who later is seen without the bookbag, which some users found suspicious.
Make a bookbag or decorate a purchased one, and slip in some fun reading--New Moon Girls magazine?
For a discussion of the politics of nativism, see Delgado, Bookbag, supra note 1.
350+ pages in the original), can fit much more comfortably in the average musician's bookbag or case.
Carrying on the subway a bookbag that says "BOMB" on it as part of a Halloween costume, disregarding the risk that others could become alarmed, when a person on the subway does become alarmed, (151) is graded by Pennsylvania survey participants the same as taking property of another valued between $50 and $200, a third degree misdemeanor, which has a maximum sentence of one year, (152) but under current law the offense is graded as a third degree felony, which has a maximum sentence of seven years.
Then, add weight to the ankle with a purse, bookbag, or 1-pound bag of rice or beans-even a grocery bag holding a gallon of milk.
With mobile ebook applications for the iPhone, such as Safari's Bookbag, and reading devices such as the Amazon Kindle, it's clear ebook technology is not a new idea, but it has certainly been gaining momentum.