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n.1.A prompter at a theater.
2.A support for a book, holding it open, while one reads or copies from it.
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Some of the extant manuscript playbooks also have theatrical provenance, as evidenced by notations added by the man referred to by modern scholars as the bookkeeper, bookholder, or prompter.
The Book Cradle is a bookholder and bookstand designed for use by individuals with grasping or upper extremity disabilities or arthritis.
But after failing to make a single sale with their fold-away bookholder, an angry Lord Sugar who branded their performance "outrageous" and told Joy: "I haven't seen anything from you.
Bald in stating that the handwriting on Fragment D is that of Edward Knight, the bookholder of the King's Men, and thus in assuming that the fragments were a product of the King's Men.
Moreover the services which those men had once performed for the king were now due to the hall of the bookholder, and their lands were appurtenant to the place where that hall lay.
She told the audience she alone transformed the chair and a bookholder, and described in detail how she carried out the work.
For the rest of the season Warwick bookholders will be able to fish the Tavern AC length of the Grand Union Canal at Knowle as a club water.