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Noun1.talent agent - an agent who represents performers
agent - a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations
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This is the first time for a Japan-based airline and an online tour booking agency to collaborate in promoting "Bleisure Travel" targeting business travelers.
The gig has come about after fans of The Undatables and of Daniel, requested a local booking agency, High Tide promotions, to organise the concert.
6 million a year, Conte has agreed to work with booking agency MN2S.
Essex-based booking agency Inntel has won a contract to provide meetings and event management services to the Royal London Group.
Joint Secretary Commerce (Islamabad), Mohammad Jamil Khan (Late) and Mohammad Ismail Khan (Late) (Railway Booking Agency Peshawar).
Paddy and I were turned down by a holiday cottage booking agency.
Directors of luxury self-catering accommodation booking agency Best of Wales, Llion Pughe and Gareth Mahoney, came up with the idea.
There's not a finer celebrity booking agency in the business in USA than www.
In a statement, school officials said the Academy Award-winning actor will donate the money to charity, minus the cut that will go to the booking agency that arranged the event.
booking agency saying they didn't "I bought two tickets in February for PS350, but I got an email from the booking agency saying they didn't have them.
As evidence he posted the contract with a booking agency and three receipts totalling 250,000 yuan ($40,000).