Boolean logic

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Noun1.Boolean logic - a system of symbolic logic devised by George Boole; used in computers
formal logic, mathematical logic, symbolic logic - any logical system that abstracts the form of statements away from their content in order to establish abstract criteria of consistency and validity
Booleova logikabooleovská logika
Booleova logika
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Here, you can enter a term for a condition or intervention; there is no need for Boolean logic, as the database automatically connects terms.
The NO and NC contacts actually represent the AND and AND-NOT boolean logic operations, respectively.
This is true for the Boolean logic where one deals with 100% truths, but in modern logics we work with partial truths.
It is a different approach to computing, based on the "degree of truth" rather than the Boolean logic, where variables can only be True or False (1 or 0).
ABAC relies on simple Boolean logic that says a user (U) can perform an operation (O) on a particular object (OB) in a specific environment (E) based on a set of rules (R).
The access control software incorporates anti-passback, zone control, zone monitoring and boolean logic (type: if door X is open, then doors Y and Z are to remain closed) applications.
Smullyan presents general interest readers with an extremely complex logic problem and then leads them, through a series of smaller, simpler problems, employing Boolean logic, through to its solution.
Just as Boolean logic provides the basis upon which modern classical computing logic is formed, clearly expressed quantum logic is now required in order to fully utilize quantum computing power.
The "Searcher's Toolkit" remains: seven basic tools, including Boolean logic, which Bell then clearly demonstrates in separate chapters on major social science, science and medicine, bibliography, humanities, and numbers/statistics databases.
The extension to a much larger network of slime mold tubes could process nanoparticles and carry out sophisticated Boolean logic operations of the kind used by computer circuitry.
It is also the Classical or Boolean Logic, which has two symbol-values: truth T and falsity F.