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n.1.A toper; a guzzler. See Boozer.
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The Egyptian Customs Authority has allowed the private sector to import octane booser without interference from the EGPC.
right-hander Adam Duke (Spanish Fork, Utah), left-hander Cam Booser (Milton, Wash.
The Politics of Weapons Innovation by Michael Armacost, Put It In Writing by David Blot, Handbook of Lubrication by E Richard Booser, Oh
Esteva FJ, Valero V, Booser D, Guerra LT, Murray JL, Pusztai L, et al.
Commodore Gas and Electric, Erie, PA has named Jeffrey Booser as manager of energy distribution systems.
1983) and may induce torpor in hummingbirds (Calder and Booser 1973, Hainsworth et al.
That includes Cameron Booser, a pitcher/first baseman from Milton, Wash.