Border land

land on the frontiers of two adjoining countries; debatable land; - often used figuratively; as, the border land of science.

See also: Border

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Jordan is looking forward to benefiting from Irelands' expertise in the various fields, he stated, and urged both countries to work together to foster their trade cooperation in light of the re-opning of border land crossings with Iraq, soon with Syria, and the expected reconstruction projects, which unleash prospects of joint ventures.
Discussing the impact of Israeli attacks on the land border areas on the agricultural sector, Director General of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), Mohamed Al-Baqari, pointed out the Israeli restrictions on farmersAaAaAeAcAaAaAeA@1/4AaAaAeAnAaAaAeA access to border land through an Access Restricted Area (ARA) ranging between 300 meters to 1000 meters, which means that farmers are denied access to 30 thousand dunums in one of the most fertile agricultural areas in Gaza.
According to the deputy governor, authorities also issued an order, banning border land crossings from the DRC, through Ezo county and called for urgent intervention from World Health Organization.
Ramadi / Nina /--Chairman of the Board of Anbar province Sabah Karhot appealed the Interior Ministry and the Directorate of border land ports to allow the entry of / 28 / trucks loaded with vegetables and alimentations to Anbar province through Trebil border port.
This pioneering transport agreement, which was ratified in 2003, provides a blueprint for non-physical measures needed to boost cross border land transport, including 'single stop' customs inspections.
Alhadithah, Rabi'I 6, 1435, Jan 7, 2014, SPA -- Customs officers at Alhadithah border land crossing point foiled am attempt to smuggle a large quantity of 1,511,000 narcotic pills into the kingdom.
ON MARCH Taliban in border land TRAINING Young fighters SHOOT TO KILL Sniper
Until recently, he ran the Border Land Rovers motor garage.
northern border land ports of entry: (1) the extent to which wait times data are reliable and reported trends in wait times, (2) any actions CBP has taken to reduce wait times and any challenges that remain, and (3) the extent to which CBP and FAST participants experience the benefits of the FAST program.
In testimony before the Appropriations Committee, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) noted that CBP's goal for fencing and vehicle barrier deployment in 2008 "will be challenging because of factors that include difficulties acquiring rights to border land and an inability to estimate costs for installation.
Rabin thus focused on Soviet-backed, aggressive Syria, whose radical Ba'ath regime was behind the Palestinian incursions into Israel; Damascus also directly fought Jewish farmers working a contested border land by shelling large parts of the Galilee from the Golan Heights.
With a procedural vote set for this afternoon that would signal the start of debate on authorizing the double-layer fence along 2,000 miles of California, Arizona and Texas border land, Democrats appeared reluctant to put up much resistance.
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