Border land

land on the frontiers of two adjoining countries; debatable land; - often used figuratively; as, the border land of science.

See also: Border

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According to reports, the Saudi warplanes pounded the areas of Shadda, al-Dhaher and Razekh near the border land, and claimed the lives of a large number of people.
Ramadi / Nina /--Chairman of the Board of Anbar province Sabah Karhot appealed the Interior Ministry and the Directorate of border land ports to allow the entry of / 28 / trucks loaded with vegetables and alimentations to Anbar province through Trebil border port.
The commissioner urged the South Sudanese government to act fast and not allow the neighbouring Uganda to annex the border land.
northern border land ports of entry: (1) the extent to which wait times data are reliable and reported trends in wait times, (2) any actions CBP has taken to reduce wait times and any challenges that remain, and (3) the extent to which CBP and FAST participants experience the benefits of the FAST program.
Until recently, he ran the Border Land Rovers motor garage.
ON MARCH Taliban in border land TRAINING Young fighters SHOOT TO KILL Sniper
Alhadithah, Rabi'I 6, 1435, Jan 7, 2014, SPA -- Customs officers at Alhadithah border land crossing point foiled am attempt to smuggle a large quantity of 1,511,000 narcotic pills into the kingdom.
Infiltration is also an issue for both countries other than border land dispute with states of Assam, Tripura, Mizoram and West Bengal.
Also, the naming of the three proposed areas on the map - the rural border land, the urban coastal plain and the rural hinterland to Tyneside - implies that Northumberland is seen as an adjunct to Tyneside and Scotland.
This is in stark contrast to the affluent capital of Cardiff, which, apart from the border land of Monmouthshire and the rich greenbelt of the Vale of Glamorgan, boasts the largest Upper and Middle Class, making up 53% of the population.
These include Midlands farmers in the Shropshire border land and the Peak District of Derbyshire.
The film looks through Tamang villagers eyes at the cultural and economic interaction that flows through this border land including a dramatic re-enactment of Tibetan and Nepali armies in conflict.
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