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n. pl. bor·de·reaux (-rō′)
A detailed memorandum, especially one that lists documents or accounts.

[French, probably from bord, edge, margin, from Old French bort, of Germanic origin.]


(ˌbɔːdəˈrəʊ; French bɔrdəro)
n, pl -reaux (-ˈrəʊ; -ˈrəʊz; French -ro)
(Insurance) a memorandum or invoice prepared for a company by an underwriter, containing a list of reinsured risks
[C20: from French]


(ˌbɔr dəˈroʊ)

n., pl. -reaux (-ˈroʊz)
a detailed memorandum, esp. one in which documents are listed.
[1895–1900; < French]
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