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n.1.A bordar; a tenant in bordage.
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M Bordman, use of land as domestic garden |and building of two storey extension and detached garage, 6 Upper Pike Law, Slaithwaite Gate, Scapegoat Hill.
CAK Entertainment will create and manage brand development opportunities for Aileen Bordman, Monet's Palate creator and president, as she branches into the home, garden, lifestyle, entertainment and culinary markets.
Traditionally, for example, the 1910s "Princess Musicals"--so called because they were produced at the Princess Theatre--have been discussed by historians like Bordman as landmark shows that "brought American musical comedy into the twentieth century" (American Musical Comedy, p.
OSSETT TOWN: Dixon, Hepworth, Jeff, Wood, Armstrong (Holt), Merris, Ovington, Patterson, Bordman, Wood (O'Neill), Curtis (Whiteley).
Kyle Parker, Carl Bordman, Leon Chambers and a hat-trick from Tiago Goncalbes secured all three points for Splott following their 6-1 win over Pentyrch.
On revivals) Gerald Bordman, The Oxford Companion to American Theatre (New York: Oxford University Press, 1984), 200-1; Don B.
There is no reference to anything resembling either Catullus's particular lines or the 'shoe my foot' stanzas in Stith Thompson's Motif-Index of Folk-Literature or in other motif indexes such as Gerald Martin Bordman, Motif-Index of the English Metrical Romances, FF Communications, 190 (Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, 1963); Tom Peete Cross, Motif-Index of Early Irish Literature (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1952); Natascha Wurzbach and Simone M.
Bordman to submit to a further examination before trial at which he should be made to answer a line of questions that he was instructed not to answerby his counsel.
Edmund Daukoru, a former Shell employee and, since 2003, Obasanjo's minister in charge of petroleum, hurried to Washington to confer with US Energy Secretary Sam Bordman on how to address the MEND 'problem.
Gerald Bordman reports that, "The play ran for six months, then toured widely, earning millions of dollars for the Army Emergency Relief Fund.
See Gerald Bordman, American Theatre: A Chronicle of Comedy and Drama, 1869-1914 (Oxford, 1994), 583, 587.
We are loud and wear ear defenders on stage, and sometimes our manager 'Beverley' Bordman, a former Vietnam helicopter pilot, comes on stage wearing a frock.