Boring tool

(Metal Working) a cutting tool placed in a cutter head to dress round holes.
- Knight.

See also: Boring

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Tenders are invited for Procurement of 04 items of boring tool holder.
The land-to-land diameter is roughly the same as the boring tool, so the land-to-land dimension is also called the bore diameter.
Finite element model of a boring tool is presented in chapter 2 as well as chapter 3 is dedicated to description of qualitative and quantitative modeling results received during simulation.
There it sat for millions of years until that fateful day in June 1932, when a percussion boring tool drilled through the shield, or trap, close to the centre of the dome - Bahrain's highest point Jebel Al Dukhan - to spew black gold.
Tension had been brewing since dawn, when the massive boring tool for Shell arrived and later got stuck on a narrow road.
The machine that accomplishes this is essentially a directional boring tool with a steering head that is projected through the ground using a series of interconnected rods.
Tenders are invited for Set of boring tool as per annexure enclosed
Supply of cutting stores, an air compressor, a boring tool & an air blower.
For example, an upcoming boring tool will be electronically set as we add functions to the presetter.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of 03 items of boring tool holder.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) employees summer uniforms & (b) different workshop equipment including a drill, a boring tool, a mobile grinding machine among others.
But, it does not appear to have been made with a boring tool.