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Noun1.borrowing cost - the cost of borrowing somethingborrowing cost - the cost of borrowing something  
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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A downgrade to junk-bond status could have prompted a flight by cautious investors, forcing up Spanish borrowing costs and accelerating any request for help.
The downgrade of Italy to just two notches above junk status could raise already-painful borrowing costs for the country and risks undermining Prime Minister Mario Monti's efforts to turn market sentiment through tough fiscal and structural reforms.
ROME, Sha'ban 8, 1433, Jun 28, 2012, SPA -- Italy's borrowing costs in a pair of longer-dated bond auctions have spiked up to levels seen in December when concerns over the country's public finances were particularly acute, , according to AP.
0 percent, citing recent slides in long-term borrowing costs in the debt market.
THE FTSE 100 Index suffered its fifth losing session in a row yesterday as high borrowing costs for Italy and Spain fuelled fears of a eurozone meltdown.
INVESTORS deserted the London market yesterday as fears of a eurozone collapse were fuelled by a worrying rise in Spain's borrowing costs.
Cyprus may risk seeing its borrowing costs rise after completing its adjustment programme as scheduled in March unless the European Central Bank reconsiders its eligibility criteria for its expanded purchasing programme, also known as quantitative easing, or Cyprus requests a credit-line, economists said.
Global Banking News-May 25, 2015--Chinese central bank lowers borrowing costs
Kingdom to hire Citigroup to help cut borrowing costs Riyadh: Kingdom Holding, the investment firm of Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, is in talks with banks to cut borrowing costs on a $550 million loan.
An independent Scotland could face a decade of fiscal tightening through tax rises and spending cuts in order to meet European debt-to-GDP rules and maintain sustainable borrowing costs, depending on how much public debt it inherits from the UK's vast pile of over [pounds sterling]1tn.
Summary: Some Indian companies could see the quality of their debt decline as higher global borrowing costs and a sharply weaker rupee take their toll, Moody's Investors Service said on Thursday.
On Thursday, central bank chiefs in the eurozone and the UK went to near-unprecedented lengths to talk down their regional borrowing costs - with mixed success.