Brian Boru

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Bri·an Bo·ru

 (brī′ən bə-ro͞o′, bô-rō′, brēn) 926-1014.
Irish king (1002-1014) who spent most of his life fighting the Danes and the Norse. He was killed after the final defeat of a Danish coalition, which ended Norse power in Ireland.

Brian Boru

(Biography) ?941–1014, king of Ireland (1002–14): killed during the defeat of the Danes at the battle of Clontarf

Bri•an Bo•ru

or Bri•an Bo•roimhe

(ˈbraɪ ən bɔˈroʊ, -ˈru, ˈbrin)
926–1014, king of Ireland 1002–14.
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Bobble Boru should appreciate the testing conditions 2.
On the latter occasion, in a handicap chase over an extended two and threequarter miles, Bertie Boru still had plenty to do in fourth place as he jumped the final fence.
Aydin Boru has proven to be a reliable partner in the industry and is renowned for focusing on the customer's need.
We are delighted to be working with Interpipe and deliver products that meet the customer's needs," said Bulent Ketenci, managing director of Aydin Boru.
Battling Boru seems quite versatile in terms of ground and trip and expect a bold showing from him.
As the picture from our archive, taken in April 1972, shows, Boru was a 13-stone Irish wolfhound, and a force to be reckoned with.
Boru Vodka was inspired by Brian Boru, the visionary high king responsible for driving foreign invaders from Ireland's shores.
Boru will compete with Vladivar, Red Square and Smirnoff, priced at [pounds sterling]9.
William Hill: 5-4 Doyen, 7-1 Sulamani, Vallee Enchantee, 8-1 Papineau (with a run), 9-1 Gamut, Warrsan, 14-1 Powerscourt, 16-1 Bandari, 20-1 Ikhtyar, Tycoon, 25-1 Brian Boru, Phoenix Reach, High Accolade, 33-1 bar.
Always travelling well in the rear,Brian Boru was brought on the scene to challenge the leader,Marcus Tregoning's High Accolade, two from home.
Brian Boru repaid Aidan O'Brien's unflinching faith in him when he swept from last to first to land the Seabiscuit St Leger.
CLASS, courage and a brilliant ride by Jamie Spencer won the day for Brian Boru in the Seabiscuit St Leger at Doncaster yesterday.