(bôs-wā′), Jacques Bénigne 1627-1704.
French prelate and historian noted for his funeral orations and a philosophical treatise on history.


(French bɔsɥɛ)
(Biography) Jacques Bénigne (ʒɑk beniɲ). 1627–1704, French bishop: noted for his funeral orations



Jacques Bénigne, 1627–1704, French bishop, writer, and orator.
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I could recite you the whole of Thucydides, Xenophon, Plutarch, Titus Livius, Tacitus, Strada, Jornandes, Dante, Montaigne, Shakspeare, Spinoza, Machiavelli, and Bossuet.
Here was something beyond the shallows of ladies' school literature: here was a living Bossuet, whose work would reconcile complete knowledge with devoted piety; here was a modern Augustine who united the glories of doctor and saint.
25) Si vedano in proposito l'Histoire des variations des eglises protestantes di Bossuet e Owen Chadwick, From Bossuet to Newman.
Entre Bossuet et Maurras: L'Antiprotestantisme en France de 1814 a 1870.
Bossuet has often been described as a theorist of the "divine right" of kings.
He persuasively defended the neo-classical French seventeenth century, the century of Bossuet and Fenelon, against the rationalism and scientism of the French Enlightenment.
Waltzer made it clear that he did not want to protect the children from French simply because of Voltaire: "Those of us who love French love it as the language of Bossuet, Fenelon, and also Racine; thus, far from fearing it, we want to introduce it.
Because of her connections to Bossuet and Fenelon, the case of Jeanne-Marie Bouvier de la Mothe-Guyon is much more well known.
highlights how even Bishop Bossuet, despite his excellent connections at court, was unable to obtain episcopal appointment for his (not very qualified) nephew.
Contract notice: Cleaning wastewater columns, valves and stormwater high frequency technology - epau sectors espal, ford bernisson and petit louvre, small groups paid and bossuet - le mans.
Politely but flatly disagreeing with classical writers of note--Fenelon, Bossuet, the Angelic Doctor himself--C, states his case.