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Breaks, from Bradford whose trademark move was the Boston crab, was ten times British lightweight champ until finally losing the title in 1984.
Around ten million tuned in to watch his fights - including his trademark move called the Boston Crab.
I can just see Corbyn and Farron dressed in red and orange body suits, suplexing Tories and getting them in the Boston crab hold; running round smacking their opponents round the back of the head with political lawn placards instead of metal folding chairs.
The twins targeted Zack Ryder's left leg before Jimmy made him tap to a single leg Boston crab.
Len Ironside is the city's longestserving councillor - but for years he had more interest in the Boston crab than the ballot box.
A half nelson, a forearm smash, An arm and a leg to grab, A dropkick, a body slam, Or a painful Boston crab.
Cadman was disqualified shortly afterwards for failing to break his hold of the Boston crab after repeated warnings.
Women in the audience aimed their hat-pins into his buttocks with a precision never found in the great moves of the grunt and groan brigade, such as the Boston crab or the flying head-scissors.
Of course, there's also dazzling Housemartins-style pop in St Thora and the Boston Crab.
If this was a childhood like yours and you know a clothesline isn't just for hanging up wet washing, if you know a suplex isn't a starter best served with bread or that a Boston crab isn't something you may wish to visit Woolmanhill about then you need to be at the Beach Ballroom this Saturday.
Arab Spring, Boston Crab, Eskimo Roll and O'Brien Shift
Fearful that he was thinking of demonstrating his Kent Walton-era Boston crab technique on me, I promised to raise the issue.

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