botanic gardens

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حَديقَةُ نَباتات
botanikus kert

botanic(al) gardens

botanic gardens

nplorto botanico


(ˈbotəni) noun
the scientific study of plants.
boˈtanic(al) (-ˈtӕ-) adjective
ˈbotanist noun
a person who studies botany.
botanic(al) gardens noun singular or plural
a public park for the growing of native and foreign plants.
References in classic literature ?
From its appearance, he judged it to be one of those botanic gardens which were of earlier date in Padua than elsewhere in Italy or in the world.
I also frequently observed in the lagoon near the Botanic Garden, where the water is only a little less salt than in the sea, a species of hydrophilus, very similar to a water-beetle common in the ditches of England: in the same lake the only shell belonged to a genus generally found in estuaries.
One day I went to the Botanic Garden, where many plants, well known for their great utility, might be seen growing.
Minister Hunter says the updated MOU reconfirms the enduring partnership between Adelaide s Botanic Gardens and Guyana.
The Middleton project has been years in preparation and envisages developing the botanic gardens on 160 acres of the historic 568-acre landscaped parkland.
Judges took a tour of the Botanic Gardens, the Prince Bishops Shopping Centre, St Margaret's allotments, St Oswald Churchyard and Houghall College.
Over the last two hundred years it has been housed in three Botanic Gardens in Liverpool.
DIRECTOR of world-renowned Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, Professor Steve Hopper, is to visit North Wales.
To commemorate the death of his wife 11 years ago at Christmas time, he took a walnut intended for eating and planted it in the Botanic Gardens.
In June of 2007, Denver Botanic Gardens CEO Brian Vogt approached CSIA, the Colorado Software and Internet Association and the state's largest IT trade organization, to assemble a team of IT professionals to contract with the Gardens for a full infrastructure redevelopment and to re-vamp their web presence.
DENVER, April 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --Denver Botanic Gardens will present the Rocky Mountain region's first outdoor exhibition of artwork by celebrated American artist Dale Chihuly.
Contract notice: Provision of cleaning & housekeeping services royal botanic gardens, kew and wakehurst place.