Botaurus stellaris

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Noun1.Botaurus stellaris - a kind of bitternBotaurus stellaris - a kind of bittern      
bittern - relatively small compact tawny-brown heron with nocturnal habits and a booming cry; found in marshes
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According to IUCN, 4 migratory bird species found here are critically endangered (Ruddy Kingfisher- Halcyon coromanda; Gull-billed Tern- Gelochelidon nilotica; Caspian Tern- Sterna caspia; Great Bittern Botaurus stellaris, where as 2 migratory birds (White-tailed Eagle- Haliaeetus albicilla Pallas's Fish Eagle- Haliaeetus leucoryphus) are endangered.
Factors affecting Bittern Botaurus stellaris distribution in a Mediterranean wetland.
The Eurasian Bittern, Botaurus stellaris, is suggested by McDonald (1994: 853-4; figure 3) as the subject of the El Pendo engraving.