a.1.Of or pertaining to Bothnia, a country of northern Europe, or to a gulf of the same name which forms the northern part of the Baltic sea.
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Contract award: Bothnian Sea EEZ 2015 Hydrographic Survey BSEEZ2015.
In contrast to other marine sediments such as those in the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea may be considered as a temporarily inundated portion of the European continent, with salinities ranging from 20-30% in the Belt Sea to less than 3% in the Bothnian Bay (Matthaus 1992).
2 mm yr-1 in the northern part of the Bothnian Bay [3], a slight decrease from - 0.
Not far from the construction site is an airy 10,000-square-foot visitor's center with a glass wall overlooking the cool blue waters of the Bothnian Sea.
integer has not been found in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland including Neva Bay (Segerstrale, 1945; Sanina, 1961; Yarvekyulg, 1979), northern Bothnian Bay (Segerstrale, 1945; Yarvekyulg, 1979) but likewise in any smaller bays of low salinity (Yarvekyulg, 1979).
The Baltic Sea ice season 2002/2003 started already in early November with rapid ice formation in the northern Bothnian Bay, in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland and in the coastal areas of the Gulf of Riga.
Testing of lichen chronology on the Swedish North Bothnian Coast, in Lichenometry and archaeology (Center for Arctic Cultural Research Reports 2).
Diet of post-smolt and one-sea-winter Atlantic salmon in the Bothnian Sea, northern Baltic.
Description of the upper portion of the drill-core from Finngrundet in the South Bothnian Bay.
DDT and PCB levels and reproduction in ringed seals from the Bothnian Bay.