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Noun1.Botrychium - grape fernBotrychium - grape fern; moonwort      
family Ophioglossaceae, Ophioglossaceae - a family of succulent ferns of order Ophioglossales; cosmopolitan in distribution
grape fern - a fern of the genus Botrychium having a fertile frond bearing small grapelike clusters of spore cases
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
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Light and electron microscopic study on the mycorrhizae of sporophytes of Botrychium virginianum-arbuscular structure resembling fossil forms.
En el estrato herbaceo destacan Achimenes grandiflora, Arisaema macrospathum, Aulosepalum ramentaceum, Begonia incarnata, Botrychium schaffneri, Ceratozamia mexicana var.
Windham OPHIOGLOSSACEAE (Grapefern Family) Botrychium campestre W.
Influence of exotic earthworms on the soil organic horizon and the rare fern Botrychium mormo.
Predominavam Alsophila, Anogramma, Anemia, Blechnum, Botrychium, Cyathaceae, Dicksonia, Dicranoglossum, Gleichenia, Lophosoria, Lycopodiella, Lycopodium, Marratiaceae, Microgramma, Osmunda, Pterideae e Selaginella.
Special thanks are extended to A1 Schotz of the Alabama Natural Heritage Program for information provided about the distribution of Botrychium jenmanii L.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbionts in Botrychium (Ophioglossaceae).
The cytohistological and cytohistochemical zonation of the shoot apex of Botrychium multifidum.
triphyllum (Jack-in-the-pulpit), Botrychium biternatum (sparselobe grapefern), and Elephantopus carolinianus (Carolina elephantsfoot).
In addition, seven species on the Wisconsin Natural Heritage Program's Watch List were detected: Botrychium simplex, Corallorhiza odontorhiza, Eupatorium sessilifolium, Napaea dioica, Talinum rugosum, Thaspium trifoliatum, and Trillium recurvatum.