Bottle flower

(Bot.) Same as Bluebottle.

See also: Bottle

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DuPont's 'Surlyn' polycarbonate range for cosmetic packaging applications has given a new designer perfume bottle flower power thanks to its "glass-like" transparency.
So here's an idea to brighten up the most waterlogged of plots: your own upcycled plastic pop bottle flower garden.
If you want to, you can decorate your flowers with glass paint (make sure it is weather proof before hanging the bottle flowers outside).
THIRD- AND FOURTH-GRADE BOTTLE FLOWERS In another type of Finster-inspired project, third- and fourth-graders were asked to bring in empty and rinsed-out two-liter soda bottles, which I then cut in half.
You know the one: a beautiful nude model with the "Fleur" bottle flowers painted on her shoulder crouches against a black background.
I was not disappointed by the lack of flowers 'out' in February, as I spotted the following: lesser and greater chip cartons (Minor polystyrenii and Major polystyrenii) in hedgerows in full bloom and beautiful brown bottle flowers (Yankee beerbottlii) on grassland close to my home.