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n.1.A weevil; a worm that breeds in malt, biscuit, etc.
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Prospero De Vera III, British Council Country director Nicholas Thomas, and Deputy British Ambassador to the Philippines Nigel Boud led the launch at the Makati Shangri-La.
Reflecting on Workplace change' in Boud, Cressey, and Docherty (Eds) op cit.
ImmersaView President Dr Andy Boud said the KTP grant would help his company bridge an emerging quality gap in the global market for ultra-high resolution video streaming and how it is displayed.
Other scholars have focused on business education per se, noting that it is essential for students to develop small-group learning skills to prepare for workplace demands, since an increasing number of businesses use group project approaches to problem solving, and to the development of ideas and products (McKinney & Graham-Buxton 1993; Harker & Harker 2007; Brutus & Donia 2010; Tribe 2013; Boud 2014; Lee et al.
Good college teachers need to develop and maintain student autonomy (Bain, 2004, Boud & Falchikov, 2007; Zull, 2011).
El feedback formativo se diferencia del feedback acreditativo o verificativo por ofrecer al alumno informacion que va mas alla de la veracidad o rectitud de la respuesta o de un resultado numerico; ofrece indicaciones sobre el error cometido, el modo de corregirlo y sugerencias de tipo metacognitivo que ayudan a reflexionar sobre el propio conocimiento (Jolly & Boud, 2015; Williams, Brown, & Benson, 2015).
Nigel Boud, deputy head of the British mission, was master of ceremonies.
We do note some of the problems encountered with certain projects, which align with limitations observed by Boud and Feletti (1997) and others.
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Animated learning is a model of experiential learning devised by education scholars David Boud and Nod Miller, according to which learners are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences, and "animators" need not function necessarily as "teachers" but can function instead as "co-learners" (8).
However, I still think that even in this case, students may be able to reach, or rather, exercise some degree of autonomy, understood as Boud and Cotterall describe it.