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n.1.(Min.) A mineral of a bluish gray color and metallic luster, usually in plumose masses, also compact. It is a sulphide of antimony and lead.
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Summary: Novel modified electrochemical method were used to analyze sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous, fined grained, coarse grain granite, granite with feldlaths and ferrogenous sand stone rocks along with boulangerite, stibnite, magnetite and scheelite ores for the presence of silver.
They can be weakly mineralized in places with arsenopyrite, pyrite and rare jamesonite and boulangerite in a quartz gangue.
Locally present are stibnite and chalcopyrite, as are lesser distributions of pentlandite (Ni,FeS), arsenopyrite, boulangerite (5PbS.
The Krinj stibnite and Awirath Gol boulangerite ocurrences, both in Chitral, are good examples of mineralization along thrust planes.
Boulangerite is found at Trepca as fibrous and very thin acicular gray crystals entangled in downy masses informally called "plumosite.
Using an X-ray spectrometer as the main device in the mineralogical study, the effects of pulp properties (in soda or lime environment) and flotation kinetics were evaluated: gudmundite (FeSbS) is depressed in soda as well as in a lime environment; boulangerite ([Pb.
They are of miniature and cabinet-size, with flaring, flat, fanlike groups of bladed crystals of berthierite intermixed with long prisms of stibnite, and this substrate is partially covered by lawns of acicular berthierite crystals with fuzzy spheres of boulangerite to 5 mm topping the assemblage.
Late in 2005 at San Jose/Itos, miners encountered a series of pockets which yielded small but fine specimens in which lenticular andorite crystals perch, like little ears, all over sharp, equant, twinned crystals of stannite; these specimens were found as floaters enclosed in acicular boulangerite, and liberated simply by blowing away the boulangerite "fluff.
Gordon (1944) measured a prismatic crystal from the Contacto vein that he concluded was boulangerite.
Other collectible species include: native silver, pyrargyrite, argentiferous tetrahedrite, freibergite, sphalerite, galena, quartz, siderite, pyrite, marcasite, boulangerite, jamesonite, acanthite, cerussite, hawleyite (type locality), barite and anglesite.
Boulangerite may occur as irregular grains enclosed in bournonite from the El Paso mine (Lane, 1976).
Scheelite, tetrahedrite, cassiterite, pyrrhotite and fibrous sulfosalts including jamesonite and boulangerite are locally important and have been collected specifically for their specimen value.