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bou·le 1

 (bo͞o′lē, bo͞o-lā′)
1. The lower house of the modern Greek legislature.
a. The senate of 400 founded by Solon in ancient Athens.
b. A legislative assembly in any one of the ancient Greek states.

[Greek boulē, assembly; see gwelə- in Indo-European roots.]

boule 2

a. often boules (bo͞ol) Any of several related bowling games, such as bocce or pétanque, traditionally played on an outdoor court.
b. The ball used in one of these games.
2. A round loaf of bread.
3. A pear-shaped synthetic sapphire, ruby, or other alumina-based gem, produced by fusing and tinting alumina.

[French, ball, boule, from Old French, ball, from Latin bulla, rounded object, bubble.]


pl n
(Bowls & Bowling) (functioning as singular) a game, popular in France, in which metal bowls are thrown to land as near as possible to a target ball. It is played on rough surfaces
[plural of boule ball1; see bowl2]


[ˈbuːl] npétanque f
References in classic literature ?
It was not for some weeks after the Crawleys' departure that the landlord of the hotel which they occupied during their residence at Paris found out the losses which he had sustained: not until Madame Marabou, the milliner, made repeated visits with her little bill for articles supplied to Madame Crawley; not until Monsieur Didelot from Boule d'Or in the Palais Royal had asked half a dozen times whether cette charmante Miladi who had bought watches and bracelets of him was de retour.
Le ministere recommande aussi de faire bouillir ou bruler les abats et les autres visceres de la bete sacrifiee qui portent des boules d'eau ou les enterrer profondement sous terre de facon a ce que les chiens errants ne les deterrent pas.
Those specifications required that GTAT produce 262-kilogram boules, more than twice the size ever produced, in less than a year.
Rick Schwerdtfeger, co-founder and CTO of ARC Energy, shown here with sequentially grown boules in front of the production version of an ARC Energy CHES[sup.
Supply of pine Boules, impregnated round timber, impregnated half logs, plywood, square timbers as a cross of wood and oak Boules.
Attractions include: tombola, bric-a-brac, craft stalls, face painting, ice cream and the chance to learn to play boules and croquet.
Play continues until both teams have used all their boules in an attempt to be closest.
THE annual Welsh Petanque Association v BIG League Challenge Cup was held at Monkstone Petanque Club (Penylan) in fantastic boules weather conditions.
MUMMY'S boy Cristiano Ronaldo is funding monthly trips for his mother and her three pals to play boules on a paradise island beach.
A PUB car park has taken on a French flavour after being been kitted out with a permanent pitch for people to play boules.
LAST week's item about drugs testing in genteel world of bowls and its continental cousin boules brought a welcome invitation to try it out .
Teams consist of six boules, in either doublette formation (two players with three boules each) or as triplettes (three players with two).