Boundary Peak

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Boun·da·ry Peak

 (boun′də-rē, -drē)
A mountain, 4,005 m (13,140 ft) high, of southwest Nevada near the California border. It is the highest elevation in the state.
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Hiking Nevada's County High Points' trails meander through bristlecone pines, the oldest trees on the planet, to the summits Boundary Peak, Nevada's highest and Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park to the historic overlook of Mount Davidson above Virginia City; along alpine lakes and cliffs to Ruby Dome; past herds of pronghorn antelope to Mount Jefferson in Nye County; around the old Pony Express trail in the pursuit of Desatoya, Churchill County's high point.
They concluded the challenge by hiking 10 miles to Nevada's highest point, 13,140-foot Boundary Peak on the Nevada-California border, Aug.
Sounding nearly impossible, the whirlwind tour around Nevada calls for hiking and mountain biking the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail and 26-mile Flume Trail, sandboarding the 600-foot high Sand Mountain, off-road skateboarding the famous Black Rock Desert, biking the 20-mile Bloody Shins Trails, hiking the 35-mile Ruby Crest Trail, hiking 13,063-foot Wheeler Peak, rock-climbing Red Rock Canyon, sandboarding the 500-foot high Amargosa Big Dune, and hiking 10 miles to Nevada's highest point, 13,140-foot Boundary Peak.