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n.1.(Zool.) The ibex.
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Its name is, in Modern French, bouquetin, which is from Provencal boc estain or boc estanc, whereas Rashi's own Old French term is closer to the forms of the term as found in Germanic languages.
In fact, estaimbuc (Italian stambecco) is an ancient regional French name for "steinbock", which standard French calls bouquetin.
In French, the female of the bouquetin is called both bouquetin femelle, and etagne, the latter related to the Provencal name of the steinbock.
2: 514), a book about Genoan lore and data: "SANG DE BOUC et de Bouquetin.
For parents, skiing ranges from blue and red runs to the Bouquetin black monster.
The seven-night holiday has been reduced to pounds 559pp (six sharing) including full board chalet accommodation in the family Chalet Bouquetin in the centre of the resort and flights departing on January 31 from Gatwick to Geneva.
On the floors of the caves discovered by them, fragments of the bones of the red deer, the chamois, the bouquetin, and more particularly the reindeer, have been found mixed up pell-mell with worked flints of different forms and sizes.
Contractor address : 8 rue des Bouquetins bat A villa 4
The animal art does indeed present such a diversity -- for example, the panneau aux bouquetins (ibex panel) of the Bourdois shelter, in Angles-sur-l'Anglin, which shows seven subjects, 'three males and one female preceding her calf', then 'a male following his female' (Saint-Mathurin 1984).