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Noun1.Bouvines - in 1214 the French under Philip Augustus defeated a coalition formed against him in one of the greatest battles of the middle agesBouvines - in 1214 the French under Philip Augustus defeated a coalition formed against him in one of the greatest battles of the middle ages
Belgique, Belgium, Kingdom of Belgium - a monarchy in northwestern Europe; headquarters for the European Union and for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
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Contract notice: market of works of modernization of the toilets of the big playground - elementary school bouvines - 4 avenue de bouvines 75011 paris.
Otto IV foi derrotado juntamente com seus aliados ingleses, flamengos e bolonheses pelas hostes do rei Filipe II da Franca na celebre Batalha de Bouvines, no domingo de 27 de julho de 1214.
63) Georges Duby, El domingo de Bouvines (Madrid: Alianza Editorial, 1988), 84.
Mas na tradicao dos Annales, quando se afastaram os paradigmas originais, havia a vontade de revolucionar os generos mais classicos--a batalha de Bouvines, com Duby (1973), e Sao Luis, com Le Goff (1996); dizer que se podia fazer uma historia inovadora atraves dos generos mais classicos.
In 1204 he lost Normandy, and in 1214 he lost the rest of the Angevin holdings in Europe at the battle of Bouvines.
And again, in 1214, he was defeated by the French at Bouvines.
John's 1215 campaign was a notable failure, ending in defeat at the Battle of Bouvines and an unpopular truce that obliged John to pay compensation to Philip.
1214: French forces under Philip II won a major victory over English, Flemish and Holy Roman Empire forces at the Battle of Bouvines - a defeat that played a major part in a weakened King John, who lost Brittany and Normandy thereby, being obliged to sign the Magna Carta the following year.
Las fuentes mencionan a arqueros varegos, seguramente sajones que no tienen nada que ver con los famosos arqueros ingleses de la Edad Media que lucharon por primera vez en la Batalla de Bouvines en 1214.
TODAY FEAST PANTALEON 1214: Philip II's French army beat a combined English and Holy Roman Empire force at the Battle of Bouvines, leading to the loss of English king John's lands in France.
ARE THERE ANY READERS of ARTnews who wish to join me in sending a pair of sterling silver roller skates, suitably engraved, to Georges Mathieu so that he may redo his I WAS THERE dance routine of the Battle of Bouvines into a big Blitzkrieg production?