Box tree

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the tree variety of the common box.

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It opened to the ground, and looked into a most miserable corner of the neglected garden, upon a rank ruin of cabbage-stalks, and one box tree that had been clipped round long ago, like a pudding, and had a new growth at the top of it, out of shape and of a different colour, as if that part of the pudding had stuck to the saucepan and got burnt.
Voluntary group DogWatch UK is organising the show at Box Tree Craft Centre, Stratford Road, Hockley Heath, from 10am on September 9, with 11 classes for dogs of all shapes and sizes.
He is also thinking of setting up a box tree scheme, which would deliver organic produce to collection points for customers who ordered their delivery over the phone.
Go for a box tree cut spherically (buxus sempervirens, toxic), balsam fir (Abies balsamea nana), mountain avens (dryas octopetala) or gypsophila.
Also up for a good pruning is the Victorian box tree as well as the olive tree.
The returning Four-Star winners are: Box Tree Restaurant, Cafe Pierre Restaurant (Pierre Hotel), La Caravelle Restaurant, Le Bernardin Restaurant, Le Chantilly Restaurant, Le Cirque Restaurant, Le Perigord Restaurant, Lowell Hotel, Mayfair Hotel Baglioni, Plaza Athenee Hotel, Palio Restaurant, Restaurant Lafayette (Drake Swissotel), The Four Seasons Restaurant (Seagram Building), The Peninsula, New York, The Pierre Hotel, The Plaza Hotel, The Regency Hotel, U.
The picture shows two trees, one made from wooden packing cases and one made from egg boxes, but you credited both trees to the Colne Valley Grocer shop, or it certainly was worded to sound like the grocers had made the Egg box tree.
The smoked salmon plate, for example, is something we used to do at The Box Tree in Ilkley, but simplified.
But he survived the initiation process and quickly worked his way up to a job at the two- Michelin-starred Box Tree in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, where he fuelled his obsession with food and began to form his food philosophies.
Mr Bradley, who learnt his trade at the Michelin-starred Box Tree in IlKley and WORKED as a restaurant manager at ClarKs Bistro in Bradford before opening Bradley's, said the Key to its Good Food Guide success was to provide a consistent level of service and quality.
Even further south, just nine miles from Cirencester, the local office of Butler Sherborn is marketing Box Tree Cottage, at Chedworth.