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n.1.An acidulated fermented drink of the Arabs and Egyptians, made from millet seed and various astringent substances; also, an intoxicating beverage made from hemp seed, darnel meal, and water.
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The Ambassador of Panama in Belize, Marta Irene Boza, confirmed that there are four Belizean companies, which will be present at Expocomer 2018 to be held at the Atlapa Convention Center, from February 28 to March 2 next.
This kid walked through the Olympics," Boza Edwards said.
Currently under construction in the Lo Boza industrial sector adjacent to Santiago International Airport, this brand new facility will join UPM Raflatac's growing Americas Terminal Network, which includes a number of facilities throughout North and South America.
Aysen Boza [1], MD; Baris Boza [2], MD; Murat Api [2], MD, PhD
La proporcion fue cambiando hasta que unicamente se alimento con alimento seco (Olivares & Boza, 1999).
He has many jobs throughout his long life, but the most meaningful is his work selling boza, a traditional thick drink made of fermented wheat and served with roasted chickpeas and cinnamon.
Es una especie con alto potencial para su cultivo ya que presenta alta demanda en los mercados de algunos paises Latinoamericanos, por lo que las investigaciones sobre su reproduccion artificial se iniciaron hace varios anos en Colombia (Valverde & Boza, 1999), Panama (Cano, 2003), Costa Rica (BozaAbarca et al.
UNYQ, founded by industry veterans Eythor Bender and Manuel Boza in 2014, offers amputees a creative way to personalise their prosthesis and reclaim control over their appearance in the face of life altering amputations.
SP Aitzaz said that nine accused namely Abdul Khaliq Shah, Asadullah Shah, Abdul Ali, Sawati, Dad Mohammad, Shekar, Boza Khan, Mohammad Roshan and Nasir Khan were already detained and facing trail in Ziarat Residency attack.
Turkish Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk's ninth novel, Kafamda Bir Tuhaflik (A Strangeness in My Mind, forthcoming in English translation in fall 2015 from Knopf) chronicles the life of an eccentric street vendor, Mevlut, whose enduring passion is to sell the long-forgotten Ottoman drink boza in Istanbul.
The story is about a street vendor, a person who sells things, yoghurts, Boza, a very Turkish liquid that people enjoy at night and associated with Ottomanness, Turkishness and romantic dreams of Ottoman life.