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Noun1.Brer Rabbit - the fictional character of a rabbit who appeared in tales supposedly told by Uncle Remus and first published in 1880
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I've had a few Br'er Rabbit briar patch replies, 'Oh please don't choose Jeremy Corbyn, that would seriously worry us'.
Based on The Song Of The South, this seven-minute ride (one of the longest in the world) takes you into the backwoods land of Br'er Rabbit and pals.
Another was Br'er Rabbit, who outwitted an alligator set on devouring the rabbit.
When I was a little girl, before political correctness, my mother read me Uncle Remus stories, including the one in which Br'er Rabbit, the cunning trickster, saves his own life by persuading his captor that he is terrified of the briar patch.
They are Br'er Rabbit telling Br'er Fox "please don't throw me in the briar patch.
His initial assertion that "The folklore of Martinique is meager, and few children in Fort-de-France know the stories of 'Compe Lapin,' twin brother of the Br'er Rabbit of Louisiana's [sic] Uncle Remus" is a posture similar to that of Joel Chandler Harris's informants who claimed not to know any Brer Rabbit stories.
It was a version of the tale of Br'er Rabbit, who conned his way into being thrown into the briar patch, where he was safe.
It is ironic, then, that my first book for children was six of the Br'er Rabbit stories that had been collected and retold by Van Dyke Parks and published by Harcourt Brace & Jovanovich in 1986.
Readers may also recall that telling stories featuring animal characters is an ancient African tradition, as reflected in such works as Anansi the Spider, Aesop's fables and the original Br'er Rabbit folktales.
Br'er Rabbit is the cleverest animal in Uncle Remus' beast fables.
But just how singularly foundational were figures of blackness within the imagination of the conquering modernist axis of Eliot, Pound, and company; and doesn't Michael North, whose Dialect of Modernism uncovered Old Possum's indebtedness to Br'er Rabbit, spotlight both hegemonic/transatlantic modernism's un-Reconstructed racism and its equally keen admiration for black dialect's "technical distinction, its insurrectionary opposition to the known and familiar in language"?