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n.1.See Brahman.
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Bales ME, Dannenberg AL, Brachman PS, Kaufmann AF, Klatsky PC, Ashford DA.
Philip Brachman, an Emory University public health specialist who for many years headed the CDC's disease detectives program.
Battleground Texas spokesman Ellis Brachman said the group "fully complies with the law.
A biographer, Jarret Brachman, says Libi was seen as having made al-Qaida "cool" for a younger generation.
Brachman came from federal service to the coatings industry in 1968, through a regional manufacturing firm founded by his wife's grandfather in 1920.
Forest fires track well with the latest discussion trends seen in the Al Qaeda forums - easy to do, big impact, low security risk, high media coverage," said Al Qaeda expert Jarret Brachman.
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In: Bennett J, Brachman P, Hospital Infections, 4th ed.
I brought these data to Philip Brachman, MD, head of epidemiology at the Center for Disease Control (now Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]), for consultation.
Jarret Brachman holds a joint appointment as Director of Research in the Combating Terrorism Center and as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the U.
In 1980, Philip Brachman of the CDC published a review of inhalational anthrax (7).
A self pro claimed flea market hound, Brachman scours the concrete fields of Manhattan for dusty cook books, little pink do-dads and pastel green thingamabobs; true relics of the 50s and 60s, a time when soda fountains and ice cream cones were all the rage.