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 (brăd′ək), Edward 1695-1755.
British general in America during the French and Indian War. He was mortally wounded during his unsuccessful expedition against Fort Duquesne (now Pittsburgh).


(ˈbræd ək)

Edward, 1695–1755, British general in America.
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I cannot even allow myself to describe the bloody defeat of General Braddock, near the sources of the Ohio River, in 1755.
In reaching the area and preparing to cross the Monongahela River, Braddock sent an advance force under Lt.
Narrator C: In 1755, the British send General Edward Braddock to Virginia.
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July 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Rob Price, president of Edible Arrangements International, has been selected to serve as a member of the Aspen Institute's inaugural Braddock Scholars Program to help entrepreneurs scale of some of the world's most innovative organizations.
Project Summary: This project addresses flooding at the intersection of Braddock Road and West Street, adjacent to the Braddock
BIRMINGHAM Metropolitan College principal Christine Braddock today took over at the helm of the city's premier business organisation - with a pledge to help youngsters.
THEY may not always have seen eye to eye when it came to politics, but it appears Ken Dodd and the redoubtable Bessie Braddock were rather fond of each other.
The statues of comedian Ken Dodd and late politician Bessie Braddock were officially unveiled on the concourse of Lime Street Station this morning.
The announcement yesterday came just over a month after Sutton Coldfield College principal Graham Jones informed staff he would be stepping down to be replaced by Matthew Boulton's boss Christine Braddock.
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We shouldn't be surprised, then, that Crowe has been cast as fighter Jim Braddock in his latest film.